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Pursue a Checking Account with Chase Bank

Chase Bank is the commercial and consumer banking division under JP Morgan Chase. It was recognized firstly as the Chase Manhattan Bank in anticipation of its pact with JP Morgan back in the year 2000. The amalgamation of the Chase National Bank and the Bank of the Manhattan Company in 1955 soon formed the Chase National Bank. The main office is located in Chicago.

There are many facilities provided by the Chase Bank. The Chase Bank Personal Banking consists of Savings Account facilities, Debit Card Services, Credit Card Services, Online Banking Services, Home Equity Loan Facility, Student Loan Facility, Mortgage Services, Investing Services and Insurance Services.

A checking account can also be opened through the internet. You just log in to their online site or at their local branch. Make sure that the Chase Bank emails you the coupon for your application. Chase Bank will in addition let you enjoy the following checking account features and services:

* free of charge Online Banking and Bill Pay
* free of charge Account Alerts sent by phone or e-mail to assist you in keeping away from fees
* free of charge online or telephone access to your checking accounts, 24/7
* free of charge access to 14,000 Chase and WaMu ATMs
* free of charge Chase Debit Card with Zero Liability fortification
* free of charge Mobile Banking

Chase Bank is furthermore offering a checking account bonus of $100 upon starting transactions during the month of July (most effectively on the 24th of the month.) The minimum deposit should be $100. In order for you to meet the requirements of the said bonus, you shall create five debit card purchases or better yet set up direct deposit contained by the two months after opening the checking account. The moment you have met the standards for the $100 bonus, it will then be deposited in your checking account. The account should also keep on unlocked for six months or else the $100 will be subtracted from your account the moment it is closed. The cash is well-thought of as an interest which is reported to IRS on a 1099-INT form by the bank in order for you to pay for the income tax of the $100.